Ottawa REDBLACKS Expansion Draft

The upcoming Ottawa expansion draft this year, will likely to impact everything from quarterbacks to free agency. The Dec. 16 expansion draft will provide the REDBLACKS with three players from each of eight other CFL teams. It’s the most crucial step in building the team for 2014.

The scouting of Canadian and U.S. college and university players had already started, and will lead into next spring’s CFL draft, where the REDBLACKS have eight picks to add to four players selected in 2013.

The league released a detailed media backgrounder on the expansion draft. Here are some of the most notable details not specifically covered in the initial rule release:

All teams will be able to trade amongst one another from Midnight ET on November 24th until 11:59pm ET on December 8th.

The League will issue a trade freeze that will run from Midnight ET on December 8th through the end of the Expansion Draft on December 16th at 4:00pm ET. However, from December 9th until the conclusion of the Draft (4pm ET), teams may make trades during this time if they directly involve the Ottawa REDBLACKS. For the REDBLACKS to conduct a trade, it can only involve players signed by Ottawa prior to the Draft, players acquired in the Expansion Draft or future Draft picks. However, in order to maintain the integrity of the Expansion Draft, Ottawa will not be eligible to solicit trades or incur benefits from other Clubs by agreeing NOT to choose an unprotected player.


For trades that occur between Grey Cup and December 8th, the Commissioner will enforce language from the by-laws in relation to in-season trades and forbid any player traded during that window to be traded back to the original Club until he has been on the roster for two regular season games.

Ottawa is forbidden from contacting any player prior to officially selecting him in the Expansion Draft.

Ottawa will keep the list of unprotected/protected players throughout the League confidential.

Any player signed by a Club after their protected list has been submitted to the League Office on December 9th will automatically be exposed to Ottawa on December 16th.

If a Club protects a non-import kicker on December 9th and ends up losing a Quarterback in the Expansion Draft; they have the opportunity to protect an additional non-import player prior to the commencement of the first round of non-import selections by Ottawa. (Expansion Draft guidelines outline that if a Club loses a QB, they cannot lose a non-import kicker).

That information, allows new Ottawa GM Marcel Desjardins and his front office will allow Ottawa to have an exclusive trading window between the ninth and the 16th.

The REDBLACKS hope CFL schedule-makers will start them with two or three road games, allowing extra time to complete construction of the new Lansdowne Park stadium and to train event staff.

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