Lansdowne Park Construction Update – June 15, 2013

The contractor plans to pour a large foundation slab on Saturday, June 15 on the west side of the Civic Centre. This is the second of three large concrete pours planned during the construction at Lansdowne. The concrete for the foundation must be poured all at one time in order to ensure the overall strength and longevity of the slab.

Set up and concrete pouring activities will begin at 7a.m. on Saturday with work continuing throughout the day. The contractor anticipates the work will wrap up around 7p.m.

The majority of the concrete for the pour will be supplied by the on-site concrete plant, limiting the number of trucks on area roads and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The City of Ottawa advises that every effort will be made to complete this concrete pour as quickly as possible and to reduce disruptions for nearby residents and businesses on Bank Street.

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