RedBlacks – Rouge et Noir d’Ottawa – Ottawa CFL Team Name

The website posted what looks like the potential logos for the Ottawa RedBlacks CFL team, with a French version — Rouge et Noir d’Ottawa. This certainly is one step closer to reality for those unhappy with the Ottawa RedBlacks name.

Greyscale RedBlacks and Rouge et Noir d’Ottawa logos were filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office on May 21 and emerged on early Thursday.  Images on the website revealed a bold “R” in front of a circular saw with the name RedBlacks underneath. The emphasis on the letter “R” is similar to the team’s previous CFL logo when they were known as the Ottawa Rough Riders.

The new Ottawa CFL team set to begin play in next year’s 2014 season. The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) will officially launch the name and the logo at a huge celebration June 8, 2 p.m., at the Ernst and Young Centre.  OSEG, did not confirm the RedBlacks logo or name, but rather simply reiterated that June 8 will be the big day. The other names they had been considering were Nationals, RedBlacks, Rush, Voyageurs, and Raftsmen.

Ottawa-RedBlacks-logoOttawa’s CFL team is slated to begin playing next year at Lansdowne Park Frank Clair Stadium next year 2014 season.

The team also announced Thursday that Brock Sunderland has been appointed assistant general manager. Sunderland spent six seasons with the NFL’s New York Jets in scouting roles, most recently covering college players in the western United States.


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  • Annabelle Lees

    I did not like the name when I first heard it, however after spending time reading so many negative comments, I think I will reserve my judgement and see how the team plays because its about hard work and effort . Our history is important to us but we are wanting to look forward and the colours are a nod to that history. The NewZealand rugby team is awesome and they are called the All Blacks so let’s go team. Sign me up.

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  • Neil Carroll

    C’mon now folks! “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
    By any other name would smell as sweet;” We’ll save some room on the bandwagon so that the day after the RedBlacks win their first game, there will be room for you ‘name-haters’ to jump on up .

  • Robert of Ottawa

    Clearly this management team cares no more about the fans than the Liebermans.

    If they did, they would understand that the post-modern “REDBLACKS” is completely contrary to fans’ wishes.

    What marketing guru came up with this? Can you publish his Power-Point presentation so that us dumb fans who just don’t get it, can have an opportunity to do so?

  • Jo-Ann Hinton

    Don’t bother spending the money, if you don’t care about us fans at all, we certainly will not care either! Should have been reading opinion polls, oh right you did, but could care less.
    Ottawa football is here today and gone today!

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