Bank Street rebuild on fast track

It’s going to be an “ugly year” for Bank Street.

The 2011 city budget passed by council Tuesday fast−tracks the rebuilding of one of the Ottawa’s oldest downtown streets with a $17−million project that will see Bank Street torn up and refurbished from Highway 417 all the way to the Rideau Canal.

“It is going to be one messy year,” said Capital Councillor David Chernushenko, “but it’s going to be an ugly year whenever it happens.”

The original plan was for a small part of the work to begin this year, with the remaining reconstruction scheduled for 2015.

But with the Lansdowne Park redevelopment on the horizon, and the expectation that Ottawa will be successful in its bid to be one of the host cities for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015 −as well as the affiliated Women’s U−20 World Cup in 2014 −that schedule wasn’t tenable, said Chernushenko.


“If we’re going to go for and win a world cup, we better be ready and have our best face,” he said.

The Glebe, which Chernushenko characterized as the city’s “most successful traditional mainstreet,” will see the roads torn up, underground services replaced, along with new sidewalks, attractive lampposts, bicycle racks and public art.

What it won’t see is the overhead wires buried underground.

Chernushenko admitted some people in his community would be disappointed by that, but he’s hoping to be able to have the conduits put under the road now so that wires can be buried at a later date, without ripping up the street again. But, he said, it’s “still up in the air whether we can manage to do that for this budget.”

Most of the Bank Street work is now scheduled to be done this year, with a little left over for the spring of 2012.

Bank Street rebuild on fast track; ‘It is going to be one messy year,’ Capital councillor says as Lans8d8owne revamp,

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