Ottawa’s CFL Team Name Introduction is Finally Approaching

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According to OSEG, Ottawa’s CFL team nickname has been chosen, the new logo has been designed, and everyone is invited to check out the Ottawa’s CFL team official introduction June 8 at 2 p.m., at the Ernst and Young Centre.

Special guests will include Russ Jackson, Tony Gabriel and Commissioner Mark Cohon.  The kickoff party will have a live band, a photo and video light show, rare artifacts from Ottawa’s storied CFL football past, a marching band, cheerleaders and the ultimate prize…the Grey Cup itself.

Checkout the latest news on the proposed Ottawa CFL team name speculation according to an Ottawa Citizen article on May 20th:

… Here’s the thing, though:


1) One of the admitted candidates, Ottawa Rush, was registered in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s trade-mark database. However, the registered owner, an entity known as Capital Gridiron Limited Partnership apparently decided against it. The trademark database shows Ottawa Rush as inactive, or more specifically  “abandoned – voluntary,” as of May 9, 2013. It had been filed Nov. 29, 2012.

2) Ottawa RedBlacks, Red Blacks, Les Rouges Noirs d’Ottawa and Les RougesNoirs d’Ottawa were all filed with the trademark registry by an Ottawa-area entity called Moonstar Limited on Dec. 28, 2012.

3) Moonstar Limited is also listed as owner of Ottawa Fury FC, including the three versions of logos used for the online voting process. Those trademarks were filed on April 5, slightly more than a month after the NASL franchise’s name was officially announced.

4) Three other CFL franchise names discussed during focus groups conducted in the national capital region by the now former marketing company employee — Nationals, Raftsmen and Voyageurs — do not show up in the trademark registry with any connection to Ottawa, Capital Gridiron Limited Partnership or Moonstar Limited.

5) There are no other team name trademarks yet filed by Capital Gridirong Limited Partnership or Moonstar Limited.

So, does any of this confirm that Ottawa’s new CFL franchise will be known as the Red Blacks/RedBlacks?

What do you think is the name of Ottawa’s Football team will be? Share you thoughts in the Comments below, on Twitter or our Facebook page

  • Jason

    Is it too late to name this team? RedBlack’s? Come on!!

    Ottawa River
    Ottawa Raftmen
    Ottawa Voyageurs
    Ottawa Rapids
    Ottawa Red Serge
    Ottawa Red Surge
    Ottawa Victorians
    Ottawa Dominion
    Ottawa Timbermen
    Ottawa Timber
    Ottawa Algonquin
    Ottawa Loyalists

  • Jonathan Pfeffer

    1. Ottawa Rough Riders
    2. Ottawa Caulks ( Caulks were the spiked shoes worn by log riders in the 19th century)

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