FOOTBALL is Ottawa’s Sport

As winter fades, the smell of football will soon enough be in the air. And in Sixteen months or so from now, fans will once again be marching into Lansdowne Park.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group is expected to announce Ottawa’s CFL team name. Then, people will be able to get their own stake in the franchise, with the ability to buy season tickets. Former season ticket holders can reserve their old seats, and new fans can secure a Priority Registration Number (PRN) for seats for $25 per seat. Visit or call 613-599-3267 to reserve by phone.

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Later this spring, the team will have its first players, participating in the CFL Draft, eligible to choose up to four NCAA red-shirt juniors.

Football has been growing in Ottawa independent of a CFL presence.
Minor football is stronger than ever, with registration numbers continuing to increase for the National Capital Amateur Football Association. And there is strong junior football representation, with the Ottawa Sooners, Jr. Riders and Cumberland Panthers all landing spots for kids looking to take it to another level.

Attendance figures for last five years of the CFL in Ottawa

7-11 record
High: 20,833
Low: 16,303
Average: 18,489
5-13 record
High: 25,839
Low: 20,241
Average: 23,049
7-11 record
High: 26,588
Low: 21,200
Average: 23,377
4-14 record
High: 26,898
Low: 20,576
Average: 23,773
3-15 record
High: 28,451
Low: 16,846
Average: 16,846
Grey Cups
1925, 1926, 1940, 1951, 1960, 1968, 1969, 1973, 1976
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