Lansdowne Park Construction Update Week March 18, 2013

Several activities will carry on next week at Lansdowne. Soil compaction work is anticipated to continue along Bank Street and along the northern edge of the Civic Centre. The distance of the machinery from homes should reduce the impact on residents, but the City’s geotechnical consultant and the contractor continue to monitor vibration levels to ensure they are within the threshold levels for the project.

This final phase of compaction is on schedule to be complete in early April. As well late next week, the contractor will likely complete the concrete structure for the garage under the first retail building.

Excavation next to the Horticulture Building will begin next week. This work will be done from within the construction site. Additional excavation for building foundations near the corner of Bank and Holmwood will also start late next week. Some piling on the east side of the Civic Centre will be installed next week and may generate noise, but it should mostly be contained within the site.

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