Lansdowne Park Construction Update Week March 11, 2013

The last stage of soil compaction work at Lansdowne will begin on Monday, March 11 and may last up to four weeks. The work will begin at the corner of Bank and Holmwood (zone one) and move south and then east within the site, near the Civic Centre (zone two). During the first week, the work will be in the vicinity of residents at the west end of Holmwood, zone one on the attached map, however, once the compaction moves into zone two in the interior of the site, vibrations for residents should be significantly reduced.

In the last week of compaction in early April, the contractor will be working in zone three next to the Horticulture Building, across from O’Connor Street. Residents in this area may have some impact from this work area due to its proximity to their homes.

The contractor will limit their work hours for the compaction from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in order to reduce the impacts on residents. Vibrations will be monitored at the property line and along Holmwood to ensure that levels stay within the limits set for this project. Once this activity is complete, future construction activities should have less of an impact on neighboring residents.

**********  Update on March 13, 2012  ********

Over the past two days the contractor has been repairing the construction fencing along Holmwood Avenue and this resulted in the loss of on-street parking spots. In several locations, soil under the fencing settled more than expected due to wet weather and melting. Only the fencing is affected, and repairs will be completed today and on-street parking restored. The contractor and the City’s geotechnical consultant will be monitoring these areas regularly to ensure there are no further issues. Later this spring, the repaired areas of the road will be patched.


You may have also noticed work in the sewer near Holmwood and Adelaide yesterday. This is unrelated to the work on the fencing and was required to repair a leak in a storm water pipe. This would not affect area homes or drainage.

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