Ottawa’s CFL team name is now down to five

For the past several weeks, the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group have been listening to focus groups of every demographic, trying to pick their minds about what would work best for its Canadian Football League team when it takes the field in 2014.

The potential new name of the football team will come from one of the following names: (in alphabetical order)

It will be difficult to have 100% unique name, people will want to know there’s a story behind a name. It must relate to the market and appeal to youth.

OSEG is looking for a name to connect in many ways. It wants the name to be authentic to Ottawa and the capital area.

It wants it to have the sound of a football team. It would be a plus if was also unique. It wants to it satisfy both official languages and either be the same in both French and English or easy to translate.


And it wants it to have appeal when it comes to merchandising.

Each of the five finalists has strengths and weaknesses in each of the five areas.

And two of the names put forward do satisfy the all-important “R” requirement for the throwback helmet logo, at the very least.

The Nationals were equated to a failed World Hockey Association team that was in Ottawa for the 1972-73 season before moving to Toronto.

Sutherland, who works on Montreal Alouettes broadcasts for RDS and spent part of 10 seasons in the CFL, liked the potential of Rafts-men or Voyageurs.

Others, some older in years, argued the Raftsmen and Voyageurs had potential in drawing on the region’s history and linking the club to Ottawa’s football past.

  • eric jakob

    Sports clothing hats and parafanalia sell better and look better when they are s simplified to just one letter (all else equal).

    I suggest we keep it to an”O” name. Ottawa Onslaught or Ottawa Octane or Ottawa Oarsmen. Then the hart can just be one big O.

  • the raftsman,roughnecks,raging rapids,all action words. what we hope to see in our new team. red blacks put you to sleep. terrible name.

  • karen

    Ottawa Log Drivers!

  • Mike Ahronson

    Ottawa Rush!

  • AL

    My vote is for … “Ottawa Roughnecks”

  • jd

    I think the Red Blacks is a ridiculous name….two colours should not be the name of the team. How does the Ottawa Yellow-Blues sound or some other lame combination of colours. Red Blacks should be vetoed out, saving everyone from their own stupidity. If the football team gets that name, think of how Ottawa will again be the laughing stock of the league. Does anyone remember the Roughriders and the Rough Riders? Goes along with Ottawa U, where everyone has signs saying “what is a gee gee anyways”?
    The Nationals reminds me of Washington’s MLB team so that should be out. Rush reminds me of soccer teams and I think some teams have that name already. That leaves the Voyageurs and the Raftsmen.
    Out of those top 5, my vote is for the Raftsmen.
    I’d pick something else entirely like the Red Devils, Roadrunners, Rhinos, Red Foxes or Red Hawks.

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