Ottawa RedBlacks Looking to Name the New Mascot

The Ottawa RedBlacks new mascot is a throwback to the capital’s history as a lumber town. The mascot hasn’t yet been named. The team said it plans to hold a naming campaign.

A smiling, axe wielding, and muscled lumberjack complete with a Jay Leno looking chin is Ottawa’s new mascot.

The mascot was unveiled to an enthusiastic Ottawa’s 67’s crowd at Canadian Tire Centre.

REDBLACKS fans were quick to give their thoughts on the new Ottawa Redblacks football team mascot, which was unveiled at an Ottawa 67’s hockey game on last Monday.

What do you think? Let us know and leave your comments here.



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  • Big Joe Mufferaw

  • Rick Keating

    Only one thing to call him … Big Joe Mufferaw

  • James McKellar

    Name him “The Rough Rider”

  • Morgan

    jack the lumber jack

  • Justin

    Call him the obvious …….”Chopper”

  • Cathy Morris

    Call him Timber! (the new mascot name)

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