Lansdowne Park Construction Update – June 28 2013

The site will be closed on Monday, July 1 for Canada Day.

Backfilling along the northern edge of the garage from Holmwood will likely be finished early next week.

This work will then continue along the Bank Street edge of the site, but will be done from within the merging lane and will not impact traffic. Set up for the construction of the building at the corner of Bank and Holmwood will continue.

Installation of the new roof over the north stands will also proceed next week.



Source: City of Ottawa

  • To Whom – –
    I was asked by a friend, how many (more) seats the new stands will have , and if the 67’s will still be playing there. —. (?) It is all very exciting.
    A few things remain – – .
    The name RedBlacks really sucks & may already be something of a joke among the other CFL teams. For Management to arbitrarily, dictatorially decide on a rather nothing name & to completely disregard & discard all submissions by (paying) fans is to rather shoot themselves in the foot, and long before the team really gets started. A number of very serious fans have already been lost. It would surely be better to ‘lose’ the dictator. The big “R” doesn’t really mean anything if it isn’t going to remain – Roughriders.

    Regina Management would likely still be open to going to the (paying) fans to see if they would like something different, such as, -Regina Prairie Storm-. That is just good business and basic, common sense, – including those who ultimately fund the thing. Otherwise, soooooo many names would be better. Ottawa – Elite/Intrepid/Conquest/. Perhaps Eugene Melnic (spelling?) could be included & the team also called – Senators. That would be better & would sell more tickets. Redblacks has already lost many fans, The hockey Senators have likely lost their Captain – Is the city now going to lose the Senator’s owner?
    (Also, how about CTC
    P. Hunt

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