RedBlacks Logos Leak Online – Ottawa CFL Team says no final decision on Name, Look

The city’s new Canadian Football League team will be called RedBlacks, says a former employee of the marketing company that has been consulting in the branding process.

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group says there has been no final decision yet on the team name or logo. OSEG stated: “We’ve continued the development process and zeroed in on a final name for the football team, with input from fans. The final choices will be announced in the coming weeks.”

Andy Davidhazy, worked between August 2012 and March 2013 as creative director at Downstream, a creative agency in Portland, Ore., posted on his personal website what he described as “my own personal thoughts, first-hand work and experiences” about the process in naming the CFL expansion franchise and Ottawa Fury FC, a North American Soccer League club.

The OSEG said in a statement Friday evening, Davidhazy had been part of the Downstream design team working on team names and logos for football and soccer, but the material posted online was “earlier development-stage logo designs for both teams.

The Ottawa RedBlacks was one of five possible team names for football, and all five names were developed with logo concepts developed by Downstream.   Others team names included: Nationals, Raftsmen, Rush and Voyageurs.


Earlier this year, Davidhazy was in Ottawa to lead a focus-group discussion of media representatives and former members of the Ottawa Rough Riders, the longtime CFL franchise that folded in 1996. The Ottawa Renegades played in the CFL between 2002 and 2005.

A representative of Downstream called Davidhazy a disgruntled former employee!

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  • Evelyn Perkins

    Love the logo – hate the name.
    My husband just came up with a name that I think is brilliant and matches the logo – RAZORS
    Sharp, and fast – and translates well!

  • C.Dube

    Avec ce nom, vous me perdez comme supporteur. Raftman serait plus approprie et représentatif. Un supporteur depuis les années 1970.

  • MJ

    If you are really serious about using Red and Black then why not go with the Ottawa R&Bs? Red and Black/ Rhythm and Blues. Maybe Tony D has some ideas on music!

  • oldtyme hockey

    The Rough Riders were Teddy Roosevelt’s volunteer cavalry. I like the name Ottawa Cavalry. It a strong connection to the former name and you can use the same Rough Rider logo. the name RedBlacks is a stupid name and will make Ottawa a laughing stock. Not a good start to a new franchise.

  • stephen

    The RedBlacks name is starting to make sense now. But I like OTTAWA RIVERRAIDERS

  • george etoile

    The name “RedBlacks” is stupid! Totally devoid of local references and crfeativity. But what do you expect hiring a PR firm in Portland, Oregon.?

    I feel the name is truly reflective of the situation here using:

    O T T A W A t R O U G H R a I D E R S ! ! !

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