Lansdowne Construction Update during the last week of March 2013

The compaction work near the west side of the Horticulture Building will be finished early next week and the machine will then move to finish a strip of land along the Civic Centre.  This distance should reduce disruptions due to vibrations, but will still cause some noise. Finally, a couple of additional days of compaction work will be required to the east of the Horticulture Building, adjacent to the park. This will be the last area to be compacted and will conclude this activity on the site.

The roof deck of the parking garage under the future theatre should be completed on Friday which will allow work to start on the building above. The building contractor will start to set up their operations and supplies at the site and will likely be ready to start erecting the steel structure in about two weeks. A crane for the construction of the condominium at the corner of Bank and Holmwood is also planned to be put up early next week.

On Friday, March 29 the site will be closed for the holiday. Work will resume on Monday, April 1

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Source: City Of Ottawa

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