JOEY Restaurant is Lansdowne’s Culinary Gem

Ottawa’s Lansdowne area has gone through major additions and a huge undertaking: upgrading an revamping the Lansdowne area – something that Ottawa has been waiting for several years now.  With the addition of numerous stores, select services like the VIP theatre and a handful of eateries to choose from, the Lansdowne area is starting to be the new ‘it’ area for people to discover. One of those new eateries is JOEY Lansdowne. It has quickly become Lansdowne’s culinary gem!

Read more about this great Restaurant experience at the Food Tease Blog.

Today there are JOEY restaurants in four Canadian provinces and in the Washington state. JOEY’s recipe for success, is very straightforward: “It’s not a matter of repeating formulas and stereotypes, but of creating spaces perfectly suited to the locale and the customer profile”…something that many eateries fall short on.

Joey restuarnat Lansdowne Park

We travel the world to discover bold flavors, then turn them into signature recipes. Our people are masters of their craft, committed to creating a memorable experience for every guest.  We live by a simple credo: “Get it right the first time.”


Read more about this great Restaurant experience at the Food Tease Blog.

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