Lansdowne Park Features

Lansdowne Park is a world-class attraction that blends modern amenities, courtyards, heritage buildings and green space. This urban public destination, situated right in the heart of city, will be programmed by the City of Ottawa on a year-round basis. It features events and activities for all ages and all seasons.

Several of the features are still under construction and therefore unavailable. In addition, features that have already opened may be closed temporarily if final touches are needed.

Visitors are welcome to use the park daily from 8 am to 8 pm. Construction will continue into late fall.

Aberdeen Pavilion

Artist rendering of Aberdeen Pavillion


This Ottawa landmark, with capacity for 2,800 visitors, will be available for special events and community use.

Aberdeen Square

Just north of Aberdeen Pavilion, this courtyard will be home to the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.

Basketball Courts

In warmer months, the skating court will be converted into basketball courts. During major events at TD Place, the bike corral will occupy this space and basketball will be unavailable.

Children’s Play Area

Artist rendering of children's play area

A colourful, dynamic and fully accessible play space featuring a play structure for younger children.

Civic Gardens

Artist rendering of civic gardens and heirloom orchard

An exhibit of local floral plants, this will be a perfect space for family picnics.

East Court

Artist rendering of courtyards

Lansdowne’s history is reflected in this heritage gateway, flanked by Aberdeen Pavilion and the Horticulture Building.

Event Square

Artist rending of Event Square

The courtyard west of Aberdeen Pavilion, this will be a main entrance to the park from the Shops at Lansdowne.

Great Lawn

Artist rendering of Great Lawn

With a capacity of up to 17,000 people, the Great lawn will be a great space for festivals, family picnics, or a game of ultimate.

Heirloom Orchard

Artist rendering of civic gardens and heirloom orchard

Lansdowne Park features more than 800 trees, including an orchard of heirloom apple trees.

The Hill

Overlooking the great lawn, the Hill features “Moving Surfaces,” a sculpture that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to project dynamic video.

Horticulture Building

Horticulture building

This heritage building is being revitalized as a public space for special events and community use.

Shuttle Loop

During non-event periods, short-term parking for drop-off/pick-up is permitted along the shuttle loop at the northeast entrance to the park.

Skateboard Ramps

A series of skateboard ramps ideally suited to beginners.

Skating Court

Artist rendering of skating court

Ottawa’s newest refrigerated outdoor skating rink will feature prominently in the City’s winter programs.

South Court

South of Aberdeen Pavilion, this square offers seating and space for outdoor performances and festivals.

Water Plaza

Enjoy the reflecting pool and the soothing sounds of cascading water from the “Uplift” monument.


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