Off CFL map far too long

For many in Ottawa, something just didn’t seem right watching the Grey Cup.
It was a great game and many in Ottawa were surely happy to see our down-on-his- luck friend Toronto finally chalk up a sports victory. But we couldn’t help but feel that we should have been there. Or that we should have at least had a chance to be there.

This year’s Grey Cup put into perspective for many just how important it is we get our CFL franchise up and running in 2014 at Lansdowne Park.
It was kind of a tease to bring the physical cup here for the Grey Cup 100 tour, without a chance for us, the nation’s capital, to have a chance at winning it.
No more delays. No more distractions. Let’s get Lansdowne built so we can have our first kick-off.

We also know that Jeff Hunt’s still unnamed franchise was initially granted the rights to host the Grey Cup in 2014.

We’ll see what year that actually happens — but either way it’s a great opportunity to showcase our city to the country. We’ve been off the CFL map for too long and it’s clear the appetite is now here in full swing.

Our return to CFL is just one more chance to bolster our sports reputation — something our “sports mayor”, as writer Tim Baines has labelled Jim Watson, is behind just as much as anyone else.


Come Grey Cup time, we’ll be happy to host the residents from any of the great teams in the Western division.

After all, we’re used to people coming to Ottawa from all over Canada, and rolling out the welcome carpet for them. Unlike Toronto, we don’t get the jitters if a horse wants to walk into our hotel lobbies to have a beer.
And, if we can toss some early optimism out there, we’ll be happy to be the Eastern division team that year to boot!
* * *
The Ottawa Sun offers its condolences to the family of former city councillor Shawn Little, who died suddenly of heart failure while vacationing in Cuba on the weekend.

Little served the residents of Ottawa from 1997 to 2006.
As Susan Sherring wrote on Tuesday, Little “absolutely loved politics — he lived and breathed it.”

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