Cineplex plans to open 10-screen Lansdowne Park theatre

OSEG planners of Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park project have found another company to run its new movie theatre.

Cineplex announced this week they’ll be opening a ten-screen theatre at the park late this year that can seat as many as 1,700 people.

Three of those screens will be “Cineplex VIP” areas, a licensed adult-only space with reserved seats, food delivery and alcohol choices including beer, wine and cocktails. Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP will take the movie-going experience in Ottawa to a new level.

Until the Lansdowne Park theatre opens, downtown Ottawa’s only theatres are the Mayfair and Bytowne, which are single-screen and don’t always show first-run movies.

City officials have said the Lansdowne Park project, which is under construction, is on schedule. The first home game for the CFL’s Redblacks is set for July 18.

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  • In my opinion, I think that it is ridiculous that you have to open a movie theater at Lansdowne park because it is not located centrally downtown. The World Exchange Plaza was a much better movie theater. The seating at WEP were comfortable and the snacks and tickets were much cheaper. I do not drink alcohol at all. In my opinion, alcohol should not be sold in movie theaters. Perhaps the Rainbow or Cine Starz can take over the WEP and just show second run movies. If no one wants to open the WEP cinemas anymore or no one wants to include new cinemas at the Rideau Center expansion, I believe that Brookfield properties should make an effort in fixing the elevators and the escalator at the Place de Ville Podium building. I think that Brookfield properties should also install new screens and seats at the empty cinema space instead of building a 19 storey office tower. Why should one have to take a bus just to go see a movie at Lansdowne park?

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